International trade and customs compliance strategies

international trade and customs compliance strategies

Providing a structural outline for import-export compliance manuals. The centralized team might undertake some of the following: Establishing a consistent corporate compliance policy. Accounting departments are steeped in the concept of control. The greatest weakness of an independent office is that it risks isolating itself from the organization, which can lead to a "fortress compliance" mindset. This article was first published in August 2010 and has been updated to include current information, links and formatting. Placing trade compliance within the supply chain organization can, however, be a reasonable compromise to my first choicean independent compliance team.

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Accounting has one of the strongest tools available in business. Providing internal management support to compliance specialists in the divisional offices. During this time, Ryan also met with the client facility management team to gain an understanding of site operations and to create practical customized FTZ operating procedures tailored to the operating environment. Monitoring and auditing the divisions for compliance against corporate compliance standards. However they also cross over into the elements of information and communication and risk assessment. Withholding payment is a surefire method of gaining a trading partner's attention and eventual cooperation. By analyzing large electronic datasets along with pulling and reviewing historical client documentation, Ryan worked hand-in-hand with Customs and Border Protection Drawback Center international trade and customs compliance strategies Specialists to gain the necessary approvals to establish separate unused and manufacturing drawback programs and subsequently file retroactive. If this is the case, a company will need to implement controls to ensure logistics and compliance goals do not conflict with one another. Ryan presented a proposal to establish and activate the client warehouse and laydown yard as an FTZ. . While effective at driving strategy, they may be less effective at implementing successful tactical controls. Altering procedures to react to changes in the supply chain. All of which enables you to better succeed in today's global marketplace. Providing corporate awareness and skills training.

From purchase order to payment, we scrutinize every detail of your process. Because of this, its well positioned to evaluate the compliance ramifications sooner in the sales cycle, helping the company focus its limited marketing resources on both profitable and compliant business. View these case studies below as proof of the value we can provide your organization. From integrating global management software that empowers your existing supply chain, to providing ground-up consulting and implementation services, we'll help you translate aspirations into achievements. Holding periodic conference calls to discuss issues. The devil is in the details and the division of responsibilities. Independent Trade Compliance Office, for some companies, the optimal organizational structure places trade compliance on par with operations, purchasing, finance and legal functions within the company. Purchasing-based compliance teams have advanced notice of new origins, vendors and products to ensure product screening, classification and vendor compliance.

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Holding periodic on-site conferences for all compliance staff. The Result: The client has received significant BPP annual savings with the assistance of both the Ryan CPT and CFT practices with minimum impact on client day-to-day operations. . The client relies heavily upon its customs brokers inexperienced entry agents for advice and counsel, which has led to the assessment of rate advances and penalties.S. An organization that takes a longer term, more measured approach to its markets may be able to temper this inherent conflict. Those of you familiar with financial controls will recognize these categories. World Trade Month 2019 "During World Trade Month, the International Trade Administration will celebrate our commitment to preserving free, fair, and reciprocal trade that enhances American prosperity. We look at the whole picture of who you are as a global traderas a direct importer or who buys imported products from others; and as an exporter, or as a supplier to customers, who in turn, sell products internationally. Answering a few simple questions could open up a world of savings for your business. Monitoring daily shipments and resolving issues. Our nation is among the most innovative and open economies in the world, and for decades the United States has led the international trading system that has enabled American businesses and workers to succeed." -Undersecretary of Commerce for, international Trade, gilbert Kaplan. The benefit of such placement is that the sales team has valuable visibility into the end use and end user.

Placing trade compliance within such a group puts it on par with and gives it the opportunity to influence other critical parts of the supply chain. The stored equipment is used to service deepwater offshore drilling rig operations. The group is well positioned to be aware of and respond quickly to issues that arise. Client Issue:.S. Where should you place your international trade compliance office within your importing or exporting organization? Sales/Customer Service, it's not uncommon for export trade compliance to fall under the sales international trade and customs compliance strategies arm of an organization. To understand this hybrid model, we must first review the tenets of trade compliance. In the realm of trade compliance, however, a corporate import-export program is only as strong as its weakest link. The client also imports parts that are returned from foreign locations for repair, maintenance, or refurbishment. Decentralized organizations are a challenge for trade compliance. Purchasing departments, however, have a vested interest in cost and duty minimization. Here are some of the typical places in organizations where trade compliance is placed: Traffic/Logistics, the logistics or transportation department seems to be a logical location for a trade compliance office. This may cloud their judgment when assigning HTS codes or screening for antidumping duties.

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Approach and Solution: Ryan worked with the client stakeholders to gain an understanding of their entire supply chain in order to identify and obtain the maximum amount of refunds afforded to them while, at the same time, identified compliance issues and helped address them. Upon client acceptance of the procedures, Ryan provided FTZ general compliance, inventory control, and reporting training to corporate and site personnel. Briefly restated they are: Control EnvironmentThe corporate culture and tone set by management. Creating a Centralized Trade Compliance Team. As a result, they may be limited in their ability to respond to in-transit compliance urgencies. On the back end of a transaction, accounting is aware of vendor payments, customer receipts, and shipping and receiving variances. The downside is that sales organizations frequently have conflicting short-term sales goals, which might lead the sales team to disregard compliance red flags. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). They tend to be separated from the logistics of exporting and importing and may face challenges executing delivery of goods.

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The client has improved its compliance standing with CBP and now possesses a robust tariff database that could easily withstand the scrutiny of CBP during an audit. A successful compliance model for a decentralized corporation starts by creating a centralized compliance team within the company's headquarters tasked with strategic areas of compliance. Export offices within sales and customer service organizations and import offices within product procurement offices both suffer from the same international trade and customs compliance strategies structural weakness. The infrequent trader represents a risk to the corporation as it will likely be unable to assign effective, knowledgeable staff to manage its import/export activities. It really doesn't much matter where the trade compliance team is placed in the organization as long as it can effectively oversee and control the importing and exporting activities of the company. Such trade compliance offices are organized under a C-level executive such as a chief compliance officer who may have responsibility for several regulatory compliance functions. Complete the below form, and one of our experts will contact you to gain more details necessary to prepare a customized duty drawback assessment.

Ryans Customs and Foreign Trade practice takes a comprehensive view of the current burden paid by our clients and provides a comprehensive suite of services focused on providing the greatest reduction in duties, taxes, and fees. . The equipment was subject to extremely high ad valorem business personal property (BPP) taxation. . The benefit of such an alliance is that the trade compliance team will be better positioned to influence the beginning of the supply chain. These activities generally fall under the internal control categories of control environment, risk assessment, information and communication and monitoring. Risk AssessmentHow does the company identify and respond to compliance risks? Communicating needs and compliance issues to corporate. Assigning dotted line reporting between the centralized compliance office and divisional field offices.

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Customs and Foreign Trade,.S. Supply Chain, some companies have bridged their organizational silos by developing integrated supply chain teams that take a more holistic view of their operations. Duty Drawback, foreign Trade Zones. Don't think export compliance applies to your company? Each subsidiary or division is structured as a separate profit and loss center and is usually permitted to do business as it sees fit, as long as it meets its financial objectives. It is rare, however, that any single group within a company is tasked with all of these activities.

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international trade and customs compliance strategies

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