High win rate trading ideas strategy

high win rate trading ideas strategy

Unlike the QQQ trade setup, the KRE setup is actually a downtrending ETF. If youre looking for exciting action, go to a casino. Learn how to scan for the best plays every day. This indicator was developed by Welles Wilder around 1978. Step Two Using the RSI Trading Indicator: When we find 50 candle low, it needs to be coupled with RSI reading 20 or lower. I drew vertical lines on the price chart so you can see the 50 candle low that we identified. Step five: Once you make your api oil inventory forexlive entry, place a stop loss. For example, how do you define trending, so that you can easily scan for it?

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To place your stop, bump back 1 to 3 time periods and find a reasonable, logical level to put your stop. Before you start trading with our entry signal, we will cover a few key tips to help improve your trade. But if you are seeking a highly effective and consistent trading system, even without much excitement, this. Over 9 hours of video content. If you have a smaller account, inverse ETFs can help build high win rate trading ideas strategy your account more aggressively.

You'll just need to make the adjustments above. It involves price action analysis, which will help you land great trade entries! The actual meaning of RSI is relative strength index. If this was a 50 candle high, we would be looking at the exact opposite of this step. Jacks back today to review two actual ETF trades he and his subscribers recently profited from. As such, we have been looking for pullbacks within the uptrend as potential buy entry points. Is that what Ive become? Below is an example: Note* We will use this same example to explain this strategy. This sounds a bit complex, but think of it like this: Price goes down/RSI goes. KRE Swing Trade Setup The Entry KRE (Regional Banking ETF) is another recent trade example with a couple of twists. Once we see that we had a low, the last 50 candles, and the RSI is below 20, we can move to the next step. Specifically, I told him that Morpheus blog followers appreciate real walk-throughs of past trades to show a trading strategy in action. Some subscribers with small accounts simply buy call or put options instead of the ETFs nothing fancy, just buy them and hold until the profit is there.

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That way if the trend continued and did not break, it could hit this level and bounce back up in our direction. The RSI Trading Strategy is great and is fairly simple to learn. We will discuss many things in this article, including RSI. You will be shown many images in this article to learn how to sell signals or buy signals. (If its high it needs to be combined with the RSI reading 80 or higher.). RSI trading strategy is as useful as the RSI 2 trading strategy, which was developed by Larry Connor. Hes the dude with a cumulative win rate of 90 over more than 700 trades publicly shared since August 2011. Before I show you two actual winning trade examples, I would like to show you the standard setup of my charts. This will also show you when the price is in oversold territory. QQQ Swing Trade Setup, the Entry, using the previous chart of QQQ (nasdaq 100 ETF) as an example, notice that QQQ has been climbing into overbought territory for the past week. If you need to use horizontal lines on your chart to verify that the candle has closed the lowest the last 50, high win rate trading ideas strategy you can. Trend Breaker Strategy ). This is not necessary but may be helpful for you to do and see how strong the trend.

Also, feel free to personally contact me by email or phone with any questions or comments. If you would like to see another great strategy go ahead high win rate trading ideas strategy and check out the Parabolic SAR Moving Average Strategy. You will also see me reviewing the best trades i take. Not bad for a two-day hold. Apparently, my winning swing trading strategy may be too boring to precisely follow it without straying the course. Sponsored by, a Bitcoin-accepting, vPN. Below we have a reading that hit the 20 line on the RSI and was the low the last 50 candles. Heres my recipe for consistent ETF swing trading success: Find an uptrending ETF, and buy aggressively when it pulls back. The Exit The day after buying tqqq, it was up about.9. However, counting 50 candles is a bit monotonous. First, remember this should incorporate the daily charts to find the best opportunities. This means we have a temporarily oversold ETF that is in a general uptrend.

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Hold for an average of 5 days. ( 23 votes, average:.17 out of 5) Loading. What is the RSI (Relative Strength Indicator)? This is a usdchf currency pair and will be a BUY trade. On August 29, just two days after buying the KRE put options, I sold the options for a 20 gain. We took a lot of time to create this content with details and examples to help you become better traders. The second price low must be below the first low. I want to share this with the mathematicians that are reading this and enjoy equations. You wait for the price to head in the direction of the trade and wait for a candle to close above the first candle that you identified that was previously 50 candle low. Here you can learn how to profit from trading. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about RSI Trading Strategy.

The Boring ETF Trading Strategy Revealed, ready for it? With that said, lets take a look at our chart. Now, I am at the point where I confidently know I have a 90 chance of winning every ETF trade I take. The leveraged ETF continued higher the following day, then settled into range-bound price action for the next several weeks. This is because there are reversals of trends in every period. That is the Divergence.

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In theory, this should make it easy for other traders to follow my exact ETF trading strategy but many traders have been driven mad when trying to follow my system by the book. Also, please give this strategy a 5 star if you enjoyed it! It was Larry Connors who figured out the right parameters for identifying an ETF swing trade a trade averaging 5 days from entry to exit. This can also be used with your forex trading strategies if it is your market of choice. Boring or not, this simple ETF trading strategy has been increasing my personal net worth by 18-20 per year just rinsing and repeating the same pattern. This will high win rate trading ideas strategy ensure that you are maximizing your potential to get the most out of the strategy. Most importantly, what parameters do you use to reliably make these trades? After four months of me harassing him about it, he finally broke down and did. How To Use This Guide, if you combine this indicator with pivot points and a good candlestick pattern, you will hit trading home runs regularly. This is because the charts are showing us that a reversal is coming soon. As confirmation, even a casual glance at the chart shows QQQ was holding support of a trendline I drew at the 144.50 area. Forex Trading Indicator Settings, the default settings for this indicator is a smoothing period.