Weltrade forexsystems

weltrade forexsystems

By 2012 the project had become one of the most effective and successful undertakings in the sphere of appropriations in aid. Weltrade is a logical projection of the successful financial institution SystemForex, and the companys activity began in 2006. By 2012 the new projects and unification of several companies together, had expanded significantly the limits of the companys business interests. Having passed the stages forex fakeouts of its formation, todays company is one of the most successful and quick-growing units in its domain. The signing of an agreement with the Met"s Software Corporation for the purchase of trading software MetaTrader4, enabled the company join the financial market to provide brokerage service to individual persons. In the same year was held the first Weltrade contest of SF traders competition, which became afterwards the regular one.

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2011 was one of the most active and rich in the life of Weltrade, at the beginning of which was completed the implementation of automated trading system, with the connection of Web Module, which enabled the bidders by oneself and. The main priority of Weltrade remains the direct relationship with the client. The companys branches are located in China, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, India and Indonesia. The official opening date of Weltrade broker is August 1, 2006, under the name of ForexSystems. The Weltrades staff consists of 45 experts, whose wide experience in the field of finance and Internet technology allows to provide quality service and apply individual approach to each client.

And on October 1 was launched an educational video project of Sergey Boriychuk, which enabled to get a work out without leaving home. Also has been implemented option to open accounts in euro currency, and adopted the «Micro» accounts, both in American and European cents - the innovations, which obtained afterwards wide spread occurrence and many positive reviews. In 2008 the companys clients were offered a new weltrade forexsystems service «My Safe which gained popularity among the regular clients, facility, which developed ways of enhancement of conditions for preservation of idle capital. Regardless of your skills and experience, the company will assist you to put into effect the activity on all the financial markets, to which Weltrade has the access. Also increased significantly the amount of analytical materials, together with the publications from the news agency «Bloomberg including forecasts of graphic and technical analysis. The previous implementation of ideas within the company has shown, that both because of the name and actions of Forex broker, there is no room for further maneuver. In 2010 was brought into effect a complete implementation of new technologies, was carried out the modification of the sites and traders cabinet interface for connection of new services, as well as were performed the necessary check-outs both for financial operations and for their safety. In the second half of the year was formed the expert department, whose task was the development of the analytical component, which was laid as early as 2009.

Both substantial money prizes and additional material bonuses for a wide number of participants have become the characteristic feature of the contests held by the company. About the broker Weltrade, weltrade Forex broker is a trade name of brokerage company Systemgates Ltd. Change of trade mark name. Weltrades history, the companys history began in 2006, as a completely new project called SystemForex. The Weltrades experts are ready to assist the clients from every corner of the globe twenty four-hours a day, 5 days a week. Having passed the stages of its formation, todays company is one of the most successful and quick-growing units in its domain. The most notable cases include. Trading PAK suadi, ala master suaidi, trading forex 3 kotak.

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weltrade forexsystems

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