Cryptocurrency trading bot reddit

cryptocurrency trading bot reddit

See our, expanded Rules wiki page for more details about this rule. /r/EthDev - Focused discussion for Ethereum developers and DApps. Your exchange will be where your funds are located, and your hopper will be trading on your behalf. Check out the marketplace! It's the most valuable resource we have. No more than 2 promotional posts per coin on the top page. Another objective of trading software lies in the fact that bots provide users with passive income while sleeping.

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Putting it down in practice, it means that you can set down certain rules on how the trading bot should behave in certain situations. When you hit a price floor, you can buy them back and pocket big earnings. Example: "sell sell sell! Tether (usdt) -.83B -.99. Here you can discuss Ethereum news, memes, investing, trading, miscellaneous market-related subjects and other relevant technology. Choose from up to 80 indicators and candle patterns to craft an expert strategy that your hopper will follow at all times. Litecoin (LTC) -.47B -.72. No Manipulation No pumping, shilling, or FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). Read more, paper trading. Shorting, short sell your coins to maximize your returns in a bear market. Strategy Designer, build a trading strategy using 130 indicators candlestick patterns in the strategy designer. Communities linking to posts on r/ cryptocurrency must use No Participation links.

cryptocurrency trading bot reddit

See our Expanded cryptocurrency trading bot reddit Rules page for more details. Do not waste people's time. M - All Rights Reserved. Divulging how many coins you own can make you a target of hackers and identity thieves. Binance Coin (BNB) -.27B -.20. To mitigate abuse from throwaway accounts, a minimum of 20 comment karma 10-days account age is required for participation. If you dont have an account on an exchange already, check out the following article on getting started. Ethereum (ETH) -.44B - 155.40. Exchanges, adoption, dAPP adoption, sentiment, strategy metrics mining educational media legacy dapp ERC20 token augur alteth altcoins comedy support tool You can correct inaccurate link-flair assignments by typing "AutoMod" along with the flair name in a top-level comment,.g. Crypto trading bot is software that executes automated trading on predetermined criteria through carefully set instructions. Past results do not guarantee future performance. Baseless price speculation, shilling, repetitive posts et cetera are removed.

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Do Not Reveal Personal Information Do not reveal personally identifying information(PII otherwise known as doxxing yourself. Play with our platform functionalities for free to experiment with "paper" crypto, riskfree! No malware, spyware, cryptocurrency trading bot reddit phishing, or pharming links. 0 additional trading fees from Cryptohopper Buy settings; lower bids, cooldown, Trailing stop. Prior to posting, please be aware or our rules.

Use AutoMod exchange instead of AutoMod Exchange. See our Expanded Rules page for more details Do Not Incite Illegal Activities or Beg Do not incite or encourage illegal activities. Use Suitable Titles and Correct Flairs No clickbait. Do not make random unsolicited and/or controversial comments with the intent of baiting or provoking unsuspecting readers to engage in hostile arguments. Resources Tools CoinCheckUp (Tracking and analysis) CoinDesk (Crypto News) Coingecko (Price graphs) CoinMarketCap ( Cryptocurrency market cap info) bs (Jobs in crypto) HyperLedger Project (Linux Opensource Ledger) Microsoft Azure Blockchain WalletGenerator (Paper cryptocurrency trading bot reddit wallet generator) (Portfolio tracking.

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Warning: Background mining) Education IBM's ZeroToBlockchain (Free learning resources) Khan Academy on Bitcoin (Free Course) Mastering Bitcoin (Open Source book) Mastering Ethereum (Open Source book) Exchanges Local Exchanges Mining Related Crypto Subreddits r/Altcoin r/Best_of_Crypto r/BitcoinMarkets r/Blockchain r/BitcoinMining r/CryptoMarkets r/CryptoRecruiting r/CryptoTechnology r/CryptoTrade r/DoItForTheCoin r/EthTrader. Submitting links to blogs or news sites which are notorious for this activity will result in suspension or permanent ban. Do not post addresses or seek donations without pre-approval from the moderators. Two word flairs require a hyphen in between them. Read our, fAQ to learn more. This subreddit is intended for open discussions on all subjects related to emerging crypto-currencies or crypto-assets. View performance reports and reviews and buy only the best items to match your trading cryptocurrency trading bot reddit objectives. Try hopping with play crypto. Use this tool to help determine if content is stolen or not. All your favorite features conveniently shown in one place. If you wish to have your subreddit or website listed in our sidebar, please review our sidebar listing policy first. Daily crypto news and coin market analysis must-be used for informational purposes only and is never intended to be legal or financial advice. Features, the most complete automated cryptocurrency trading software out there.

Read more, trailing Stop-Loss, just like a rock climber belaying up a cliff, trailing stop-loss tracks your coin up and only sells when it hits a drop. Are you good with TA? Test the platform, in it's entirety with real strategies and exchange rates. Memes should be directed to /r/cryptocurrencymemes. Additionally, due to how volatile cryptocurrency industry is, fast trades are possible through a set of precise instructions. EthTrader Discord #ethtrader on Status /r/Ethereum - Offical sub, for discussion of Tech and Application Development using Ethereum /r/EthereumNoobies - An educational sub for newcomers to Ethereum. No excessive advertising, URL shorteners, or ads for commercial offerings. Buy and sell top templates and strategies on the marketplace. Choose from 30 signal groups from around the world, using intelligent algorithms and cutting edge tech to feed your hopper signals to buy on-the-rise coins. Bitcoin trading bots cannot fathom general human behavior and can make quite costly mistakes if not properly monitored. Content promoting leaks, buying/selling drugs, tax evasion, etc will be removed. Get started Become a member and join.000 other Hoppers today!

cryptocurrency trading bot reddit